5 Ways to Support Downtown Lubbock Small Businesses cover image

5 Ways to Support Downtown Lubbock Small Businesses

Downtown LBK • June 1, 2023

Our goal at Downtown LBK is to foster a thriving, vibrant future for the heart of our city. The true spirit of our community is in the way we support each other. Luckily, downtown provides us with what feels like a million different ways to do that.

From exceptional cuisine, to eclectic shopping, and even real estate, we have it all (duh!). So, let’s talk about how we can support the many entrepreneurs who choose to call DLBK home for their businesses.

Shop Local

We’ve all heard it before, it’s important that we give our business to our fellow community members. By doing so, not only are we caring for our neighbors, but we’re making a positive impact on the local economy and supporting job creation.

Get Social!

We’ve all learned by now that social media is a very powerful tool. Through sharing and promoting our favorite small businesses in the area we can foster growth in downtown Lubbock. 

If you spend or shop at a local business, share it! Take a picture, add a playful (and supportive) caption, and post it to your Instagram story! Don’t forget to tag the business, that way, others can discover them too. You can also tag us, @downtownlbk. We promise we’ll reshare it. ;)

Fortunately, you don’t even have to spend to support socially. Follow your favorite businesses on social channels and comment on their posts! Leave a note about why you love being a customer.

Buy Gift Cards

Purchasing a gift card or certificate is a great way to show loyalty to your favorite downtown boutique or coffee shop.

By going this route, you can financially support a small business and use it at a later date.

This is also an effective way to share your favorite spots with friends and family. By receiving a gift card for a birthday or anniversary to a business they might not have heard of, you’ve helped create a new customer for that business!

Leave a Stellar Review

A good word about a small business goes a long way, especially in a place like West Texas. Luckily, there are a few places we can leave positive, impactful reviews for the business we love. 

Anytime you have a good experience downtown, tell us about it! You can leave a review on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or Facebook. By doing so, potential customers can see your words and feel confident choosing to visit and spend with a business they aren’t familiar with.

Search Small

Supporting small businesses starts with the intention of doing so.

The next time you’re looking for a spot to grab drinks or dinner, shop for a new outfit, or plan a date night, try searching terms like “small businesses in downtown Lubbock” or “local businesses in downtown Lubbock.” 

We’ve also made it pretty easy to find your next favorite spot on the Downtown LBK website. Check out our map of local businesses and discover everything downtown has to offer!

We can’t wait to see how you implement these five ways of supporting and shopping small in downtown! Downtown Lubbock can’t thrive without its community. Thank you for being a part of it.