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Auld Brewing Company – A Place For The Dreamers

• December 10, 2020

“It’s amazing how you can impact someone or something just by listening, and we can do that with each pour.” – Andrea Auld


After a life-altering change in 2017, the owners of Auld Brewing Company, Ray and Andrea Auld, decided it was time for an even bigger change – their careers. They’d spent their time in the workforce chasing corporate dreams that didn’t align with their values and weren’t making them happy. So, after much deliberation and prayer, they decided to walk away from their corporate jobs and start a business they’re passionate about. The rest is history!


With 29 years of combined manufacturing experience, Ray and Andrea make the perfect duo to run this brewery. Using their marriage as an example, they keep trust and forgiveness at the center of their company’s values. 


While their original goal was to become a large scale brewery, through the process of building their business, they discovered a different purpose – one to create a place that brings people together. A place where you, the dreamers of the South Plains, can come together and love without question, where you can find peace in a world that’s full of sadness. 


Along with Auld Brewing Co., the Aulds created the Auld Foundation, where they can continue to touch people’s lives, and inspire others’ success. 


If you’re looking for a place to belong, where you can be around people who inspire you to be better, Auld Brewing Co. is the place for you. 


Or if you want to stop by 515 Broadway Street to enjoy an exemplary product, the Aulds are good with that too! 


In short, there’s no one who wouldn't benefit from going to Auld Brewing Co.