Bad Axe Raider: “Cheaper Than Therapy” cover image

Bad Axe Raider: “Cheaper Than Therapy”

• December 10, 2020

After the stress of finals, there’s no better feeling than sinking your ax into the bull’s eye. And when you’re fed up with the frenzy of the holidays, there’s no better therapy than hitting your target. 


But Bad Axe Raider isn’t just a place where you can get all your post-finals and holiday season aggression out – it’s a place where people can come together to share their talents with other people who love Downtown Lubbock.


At Bad Axe Raider, there are painters who share their art, musicians who share their music, and even comedians who are looking for a laugh. 



It was obvious when Bad Axe Raider was looking for a new location that they should look in Downtown Lubbock. Sage Gallaway, a recent Texas Tech graduate and owner of Bad Axe, decided Downtown Lubbock was too valuable to forget. 


Downtown Lubbock used to be where all the performers of the day would assemble, so why should 2019 be any different? As Downtown Lubbock grows and expands, artists will once again make this the hub of the Hub City. Just like in the days of Buddy Holly, Downtown Lubbock can once again be the bustling center of Lubbock that it used to be. 


The inspiration that comes with being in such a historic part of the city can only add to the creative spirit of anyone who spends time in the arts district.


So whether your skills are less traditional like ax throwing or lean towards more traditional art, Bad Axe Raider is the place to showcase your work in Downtown Lubbock.