Brushing Up on Lubbock's Art Scene: Get to Know Downtown Creatives cover image

Brushing Up on Lubbock's Art Scene: Get to Know Downtown Creatives

Downtown LBK • May 24, 2023

Meet the artists behind Lubbock’s art scene! Downtown Lubbock is a hub of creativity, bursting with the energy of local artists bringing their visions to life. As you stroll through the streets, you’ll discover a vibrant tapestry of galleries, studios, and shops. The creative soul of Downtown Lubbock is a testament to the city’s love for their local artists. However, this thriving artistic community wouldn’t be possible without the support of locals like you. Whether you are purchasing from these artists, sharing their page, or visiting a local gallery, you’re not only helping sustain the art scene, but you’re also supporting the dreams and aspirations of the creatives who call Lubbock home. 

Peyton Leigh 

Peyton started her creative journey with travel photography; however, the pandemic quickly took that away from her. In a constant battle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, Peyton searched for a new outlet in a journey to heal. In a desperate search, Peyton pulled out a canvas and began throwing paint at it while tears filled her eyes. Now, Peyton creates large-scale abstract art full of vivid colors and emotion.

Authenticity is a word that means a great deal to Peyton as an artist. She values being her true self and not caring at all about what everyone else thinks. This is what makes Peyton such a unique storytelling artist through her abstract visuals. She describes her work as imperfect and exactly what she wants it to be. You can keep up with Peyton and buy her work through her Instagram account @Peytonleighart

Cassandra Trautman 

As a kid, Cassandra ignited her creativity by turning trash into treasure. Her curiosity is sparked when she looks at an object or item and she wonders how she can turn it into something new, giving it a new life. Today Cassandra creates leather goods, lasered wood earrings, canvas art, and theatrical costumes. She titles herself as a creative problem solver and that is reflected in her use of different mediums that she works with.

Cassandra and her husband fell in love with Downtown Lubbock in 2018 and have called it their home ever since. You can find Cassandra’s art pieces in her downtown studio, Cassapora Leather, located at 719 Buddy Holly Ave. You can also catch Cassandra at First Friday Art Trail here in Lubbock, a monthly art market to support local artists of all kinds. Show your support by staying up to date with Cassandra through her Instagram @cassapora.leather or shop at her Etsy store, Cassapora. 

Jilliann Ransom 

Jilliann found a home in digital and film photography where each photograph captures a story that is told like no other, without words. She uses form, color, and lighting to narrate the image. After studying abroad in Europe, Jilliann experienced a surge of inspiration. With just her phone camera, she began to capture and document. From there, she began to experiment more and more with her photography. Focusing on human form and faces, she found her creative niche. 

Today, you can find the color red throughout Jilliann’s work. The color red evokes a violent, passionate, and bold statement that Jilliann loves to carry out in her photography.

To Jilliann, being an artist is a privilege. The ability to create something unique and never before seen is what drives her in her photography. Through her art, Jillian has experienced a great community in Lubbock, Texas. You can find prints of LOCUS Magazine, a local creative arts magazine co-founded by Jillian, at CASP Studio C during the First Friday Art Trail. Stay updated on Jilliann’s photography by following her on Instagram @jillsw0rld.

Downtown Lubbock is a cultural oasis that thrives on the creativity of local artists. The First Friday Art Trail is a shining example of the city’s commitment to supporting these talented individuals, providing them with a platform to showcase their art and connect with the community. It’s essential that we come together as a community to ensure that this unique and important aspect of our community continues to thrive. You can support our local artists in multiple ways. Whether you are buying from their studio, sharing their posts on social media, or buying online, supporting our local artists will keep downtown Lubbock beating with creativity and imagination.