Buddy Holly Hall: The Cultural Jewel of West Texas cover image

Buddy Holly Hall: The Cultural Jewel of West Texas

• December 10, 2020

“Cool things happen when you put artists in proximity to each other.” - Nicholas Dragga, Executive Director – Ballet Lubbock Company

The arts can teach anyone – young and old – some of life’s most important skills like the dedication it takes to master something, how to fail, and how to pick yourself back up and keep going. At the Buddy Holly Hall, everyone can learn these skills. Whether you’re taking your first performing arts class or you’ve been practicing your whole life, the Buddy Holly Hall will be the place to do it. 

Imagine a world-class stage that will rival all the best performance halls throughout the country. And it's right in your backyard. This hall will give the artists of Lubbock opportunities to perform and collaborate in ways they would never otherwise receive. 

With the addition of the Buddy Holly Hall, the Arts District will come alive and help create an area full of creativity and artistry that’s unmatched by anything in West Texas.  

How many other legends like Buddy Holly are in Lubbock, just waiting for an opportunity to learn and shine through a space like the Buddy Holly Hall? There’s so much potential in this area, and the Buddy Holly Hall is an avenue where everyone can explore their potential. 

But the Buddy Holly Hall isn’t just a place for the performing artists in West Texas; it’s a place where everyone in Lubbock can come and see the impact of what Downtown can be in 5, 10, or 15 years. This performance venue will spur new restaurants, new businesses, new entertainment, and changes that no one can imagine yet. 

When it’s open, the hall will bring in over 200 families every day! It will help shape the revitalization efforts that are already taking place. 

This hall is being created by and for this community and is a great representation of Lubbock coming together for a common goal. It’s the promise of what’s to come and the profound impact that Downtown Lubbock will have on West Texas in the coming years.


This is a rare occasion where the phrase “once in a lifetime opportunity” rings true.


Stop by after the First Friday Art Trail and see the progress on the building!