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Downtown Lubbock Murals and Doors

Downtown LBK • December 10, 2020

A large part of the downtown Lubbock spirit is our cultural arts district. Downtown is home to artists of all mediums, and community members who support their work. That’s why it only makes sense that buildings in downtown Lubbock display that art in the form of murals and architecture. 

We’ve mapped out all of the beautiful downtown art, so you don’t have to. Plan a day with friends to visit them, make small business stops in between, and take pictures of all the places you visit! 

Dirk’s Chicken

1636 13th St., Lubbock, TX 79401

It only feels right that this iconic Lubbock chicken stop donned its walls with art that imitates that of its namesake. 

Dirk’s is named after Dirk West–former Lubbock mayor and cartoonist responsible for the creation of Raider Red. His cartoons cover the restaurant's walls, and now the outside wall, too! 

Snap a picture in front of this mural to not only support a small business, but show off your Texas Tech University pride too! 

Make a Chilton

1701 Buddy Holly Ave., Lubbock, TX 79401

What fits more perfectly in Downtown Lubbock than a Chilton mural? The colorful, eye-catching art features a phrase we’ve recently decided to live by… “When life gives you lemons, make a chilton.” 

It is tucked away in the courtyard by Jux-ta-Posh. Stop by this mural the next time you’re downtown enjoying the iconic cocktail!

Lubbock Sunrise

1105 5th St., Lubbock, TX 79401

We all know, the sun shines a little brighter over West Texas and this mural embodies that. With “Lubbock, Texas” on one side, and a colorful sunrise on the other, you can show off your LBK pride or snap a pic in front of a beautiful backdrop. 

The Watson Building

1109 13th St., Lubbock, TX 79401

This wedding and event venue has beautiful doors centered with the logo that creates a sense of elegance as you enter. Just west of the building, you can find a mural that makes a great picture as well!

La Diosa Cellars Door

901 17th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401

This iron gate and arched-stoned door is the entrance to not only a great place for a glass of wine with your friends but also a gorgeous spot to snap a photo. The two blue pots on either side add the perfect touch of color as well. Stop by La Diosa today!

Depot District Mural

19th St. & Buddy Holly Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401

A memorable painted mural that is perfect for taking pictures in downtown Lubbock in the daytime. Take a picture here with your tourist friends and then grab a drink around the corner at any of the downtown bars! Check out our favorite spots to grab a drink downtown on our blog.

Depot District Alley

1714 Buddy Holly Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401

This may not be a mural or door, but while you’re downtown, you can’t miss visiting these colorful alley arches in the middle of the Depot District. When the sun goes down, this alley lights up with the bright colors of the arches and makes the picture even better!

Charles Bukowski Quote

1701 Texas Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401

This mural features a quote about how drinking can be used for multiple things and multiple events. The font chosen for this mural creates a great backdrop for your photo. We recommend a colorful outfit if taking pictures in front of this one as well because of its black-and-white coloring!

Wooden Door

1107 Avenue K

Located on the corner of Avenue K and Main Street sits a distressed wood door that makes for the perfect neutral backdrop. 


Salsa Dancer

Middle of pavilion near 519 Avenue J

This iconic dancer is located in the middle of the pavilion near 519 Avenue J. Check out the beautiful orange, yellow, and blue colors. This mural will definitely get you dancing!

Buddy Holly with Glasses & Imagination

Middle of the pavilion near 519 Avenue J

Check out this imagination! These two murals highlight the art of thinking big ideas. These two are really close to the salsa dancer mural and to the right the ice house. See them in the middle of the pavilion near 519 Avenue J. 

McPherson’s Wine

Alley behind McPherson Cellars

Nothing better than a mural about wine! Check out this fun art piece behind McPherson cellars. Make sure to take a picture with your friends after a wine tasting or dinner out. 


Outside of Kongs, right across the street from Cavender Mercedes Benz

Go to space with this iconic mural! You can find this mural outside of Kongs and right across the street from Cavender Mercedes Benz. Don’t forget to snap a picture. 

Welch Plumbing

1401 Avenue J.

This isn't a mural but a cool part of Lubbock’s history. Welch Plumbing features an art piece and something that is worth checking out. Find it on 1401 Avenue J!

If you decide to do the Downtown Lubbock Murals and Doors Tour, be sure to tag us on Instagram! We love to see people enjoying the heart of our city as much as we do.