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Jimenez: Living the Dream

Ashlyn Grotegut • December 7, 2020

Lucio Jimenez was not afraid to take a chance on his dreams.

In 1969, he had nothing but $70 to his name. Even so, he opened up Jimenez Bakery.

From there, with help from Charlie Scarborough, the owner of Mrs. Camp's Bakery, he was able to bring his family of 10 to the United States to obtain residency.  

With his supportive family finally by his side, Jimenez knew he had the recipe for success.

Jimenez worked hard to make it past his financial struggles. He even listened to his customers’ demands and added pastries to the bakery’s menu.

About seven years later, in 1977, Jimenez passed away…but not before he made sure his family knew to carry on his dream business.

By 1980, Juan Jimenez resigned the Jimenez Bakery building and opened up a restaurant in addition the bakery.

The Jimenez legacy lives on there today, Monday through Saturday.