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Tornado Gallery: Art, Culture and Xenon

Ashlyn Grotegut • December 10, 2020

The Tornado Gallery is an interactive art space that features the work of about ten artists.

The gallery is run by owners Tony Greer and Larry Simmons, who are described as “lifelong friends and collaborators in the Lubbock area.”

Tornado Gallery showcases Greer's plasma sculptures, his Xenon tube pieces and other neon objects.

He has crafted neon, other noble gas sculpturing, and lighting for more than 30 years.

Larry and Heidi Simmons manage the gallery and oversee the promotional and performing aspects of the gallery.

Tornado Gallery is also home of the Downtown Lubbock Farmer's Market and the Downtown Art Market.

For booth information contact Larry Simmons at (806) 441-8645.

To learn more about Tornado Gallery or for more information, visit