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Tucker Floral – Some Unexpected Joy

• December 10, 2020

“You never know what flowers are going to do for someone’s day.”


At Tucker Floral, flowers are so much more than flowers. They can let a loved one know you’re thinking about them, express your love, or physically represent feelings that are too hard to express. 


Being a florist allows Tucker to come alongside his clients as they go through life. Through something as simple as taking care of a client’s plants or as beautiful as creating arrangements, Tucker gets to be a part of his clients’ lives during their most significant moments. It’s during moments like weddings, births, anniversaries, graduations, and funerals that Tucker can break up the rigidity of someone’s day and bring some unexpected joy into their lives. 


With so few opportunities for unexpected joy, Tucker believes that we should celebrate when those moments do come along, no matter how fleeting they might be. 


This is also why Tucker loves having his shop in Downtown Lubbock. He believes that Downtown Lubbock has the opportunity to be some unexpected joy for the people of Lubbock. 


As Lubbock becomes home to a growing number of people, we have to remember our roots to become a place where artists, musicians, and spectators can provide unexpected joy for everyone. 


It takes our whole community to make Downtown Lubbock everything it has the potential to be, and Tucker believes we can make it happen.


Stop by Tucker Floral, in Jux-Ta-Posh, and give your friends and family some unexpected joy this holiday season.