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Two Docs Brewing Co. – Passionate People

• December 10, 2020

Two Docs Brewing Co. isn’t your average brewing company. Two cousins, who are also doctors, started this venture after discovering their shared love of creating and enjoying craft beer. But for them, it wasn’t enough for an idea to go from their heads into a glass – they fixated on sharing their process and product with the people of Lubbock. They’ve cultivated a venue where everyone can learn about and share their love of craft beer. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or are just starting on your craft beer journey, Two Docs is the place to be. 

“We want to bring together passionate people, whether they’re passionate about Downtown Lubbock, passionate about food, or passionate about beer.” –Eric Cunningham


It’s because of the care and dedication they put into their product that they believe in the art they’re creating, just like every artist in Downtown Lubbock. 

Only the cultural center of the city made sense for their flagship location. Downtown Lubbock is where this brewery fits and where they joined the movement to invest in the place they love. 


And when they realized that Downtown Lubbock was the place for them, it seemed only natural to start creating craft beers that are West Texas-inspired. 


Because they’ve created a different type of brewery, going to Two Docs is an unmatched experience. They develop, craft, and master their Lubbock-inspired brews all within one building, so you’re drinking something delicious that came straight from behind the bar. From the time each batch is completed to when you drink the last sip, the beer never leaves their facility. 

They have everything you need for a great night out, including great beer (obviously!), food trucks, an outdoor patio, and live music. What’s a better way to celebrate the fall season than that? 


If you haven’t already been to Two Docs, you’re missing out. They’re located at 502 Texas Avenue and are open Tuesday through Sunday. 


There’s still time to experience their outdoor patio before the cold weather sets in. Bring your friends, your family, and even your four-legged companions to Two Docs Brewing Co.!