Wild Lark Books: Keeping A Dying Art Alive cover image

Wild Lark Books: Keeping A Dying Art Alive

Downtown LBK • April 29, 2022

Nestled in Downtown Lubbock… Wild Lark Books is like the corner book shop you long to visit out of your favorite rom-com. This local hidden gem is steadfastly holding onto – and sharing a love of – the lost art of reading a paper-and-binding book. eReaders have taken our technology-controlled world by storm, but the smell of a new book and the eagerness you feel turning the page as you desperately scour the next paragraph to find out what happens next cannot be replaced with buttons and backlit screens. Step through the doors at Wild Lark and let its stories transport you to places you’ve never been and time periods you wish you could have experienced. 

Wild and Woman-Owned

Wild Lark opened its doors to publishers and the public in December of 2021. The owner, Brianne van Reenen (“Bri”), says her inspiration behind the shop was to “create an intentionally designed bookshop that would inspire readers and writers..” And that she did. Wild Lark is a double-threat. The quaint downtown spot not only houses books, but supports independent authors by publishing them as well. As of now, Wild Lark’s current line-up includes three published authors.

Not Just a Book Shop 

Not only is this the perfect stop to shop local, find your next favorite title, and cozy up with a cup of tea to fly through the first 100 pages, but it also features a meeting space that’s available to book for private events such as book clubs, workshops, author events, and more. It is also equipped with a full kitchen. Everyone knows a proper host provides the food! 

Socialize + Celebrate Art     

Wild Lark is a space that fosters arts of all kinds. The shop hosts a number of events each month that will appeal to anyone. Listen to music from around the globe, meet authors, or perform your best stand-up at Open Mic Night. The next time you’re trying to plan a fun night out and want to switch it up, make sure to check the shop’s calendar of monthly events

Wild Lark’s walls of bookshelves are sure to shelve your next favorite fantasy, adventure, history lesson, or self-help secret. This spot is not just a bookshop. Rather, it is a space that fosters true fellowship between readers and writers alike. In true Downtown Lubbock fashion, this old building brings an enchanting new-found charm to its community.