La Diosa: The Goddess of Downtown

Blog by Ashlyn Grotegut
Photos by Daniel Clayton

La Diosa Cellars is the product of a dynamic duo.

Sylvia McPherson is an interior designer. Her husband, Kim McPherson, is a winemaker.

In the early 2000’s, Sylvia decided that she wanted another outlet for her creativity that complimented her husband’s winemaking talents.

They found an old building in the Depot District and opened La Diosa Cellars in 2004.

La Diosa, Spanish for “The Goddess”, is a bistro with Spanish-influenced cuisine, traditional tapas, and other unique classics. They offer artisan wine from all around the world.

One of their most popular menu items is their homemade Sangria, served in a pitcher sharable with several friends.
Sylvia designed La Diosa to have warm lighting and many plush chairs and couches to sit as customers listen to live, eclectic music.

The building has a wide variation of design elements, furnishings, unique lighting fixtures and textures.

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