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Support Local: DLBK Breweries

Downtown LBK • May 20, 2021

Getting the opportunity to support local businesses means choosing who is most impacted by your dollar.

The small business owners that line the streets of Downtown pour their dreams, hearts, and souls into the community they love so dearly, and our local brewery owners are no different. 

Supporting Downtown Lubbock breweries is a great way to get involved in the local community, strengthen the local economy, and enjoy high-quality brews unique to your region.


Breweries are some of the friendliest places around. 

With a calendar filled with events, and a building always bursting with games, laughter, stories, camaraderie (and even pets!), there’s no shortage of community when your local “water cooler” is a brewery. 


Here’s a stat for ya.

For every $100 spent locally, $68 stays in the local economy. For the same amount spent at a non-local or national chain, however, only $43 stays in the community. 

Those dollars and cents can really add up, and by supporting local businesses, you’re not only supporting a local craft and skill, but you’re also supporting the individuals (owner, workers, farmers) who work hard to provide you the top-notch experience you’ve grown to love and respect. 

High-Quality + Sustainable 

Bucket-list-worthy beers are in no short supply when it comes to the Downtown Lubbock scene. With our local breweries looking right in their own backyard for regional flavors and aromas that are uniquely West Texas, they’re able to shorten the chain of production; from brew to you.

By taking a locally crafted beer fully equipped with an experience and not an inflated profit margin, you can rest-assure you’ll always get a high-quality drink fully backed by zero guilt, every time.  

Drink Local

The Brewery LBK doesn’t just have craft beer and a dog-friendly wraparound patio. They have legitimate honors attached to their top-notch facility with USA Today naming them as the best brewpub in the nation

The Two Docs Brewing Co. calendar is always a sight for sore eyes. With trivia nights, live music jams, beer pairing hours, and even “Fit-Tastic Saturday”s, cold brews with your favorite Lubbock community members are never in short supply.

Triple J Chophouse & Brew Co. isn’t just one of the amazing breweries to grace the Downtown Lubbock scene. They’re also home to one of the best steakhouses in West Texas where you can even choose your own weight and thickness!

Coming Soon: Auld Brewing Co. We can’t wait to see, and taste, the delicious IPAs and craft beers to come out of Lubbock’s newest brewery, Auld Brewing Co. Having values firmly rooted in generosity, integrity, consistency, and excellence, we have no doubt this newest addition will fit right in.

Supporting local means making a vote for your local economy and community. 

And hey, having a delicious cold brew while you're at it sure doesn’t hurt.